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BNCMS (BHOLANATH CHAKRABARTI MEMORIAL SCHOOL) is an English Medium school having all sections of schooling - Pre-primary (Lower Nursery, Upper Nursery and K.G.), Primary (I, II, III & IV), Middle (V, VI, VII & VIII) and High (IX & X). The School intends also to run its Higher Secondary Stage (XI & XII). The school is following the syllabus of Indian Certificate of Secondary Education (I.C.S.E.).

The process of affiliation is in process. The original site of the school building is 48, R.B. Avenue Bhadreswar St. Road, Bhadreswar, Hooghly. The process of construction is in progress. For the time-being, the school will run its activities at the specified part of the premises of the Estate of SRI SRI ISWAR SHYAM SUNDAR JIEW THAKUR AND THAKURANI (commonly known as Shyam Sundar Thakur Badi), Shyam Sundar Ghat Lane, Bhadeswar, Hoolghly. This educational institution will be sponsored, run, managed and controlled by a trust, named - BHOLANATH CHAKRABARTI MEMORIAL TRUST.

Distinctive Features

Bholanath Chakrabarti Memorial School is an ideal institution for quality teaching and learning with an academic environment, having the following distinctive features:

Syllabus I.C.S.E New Delhi. Curriculum based with latest Information and Technology from NCERT (National Council for Educatio Research & Training)

Let the precious soul rest in peace. Let us rise to fight against the terrorism.

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Aims of The Institution

1. To foster the all growth and development of students to their fullest potential spiritually, intellectually and physically; it will guide them in the development of a sound value system and will inclucate in them a deep sense of love and appreciation for their culture and country.

2. To create an atmosphere in which the students find scope within their own cultural milieu to reflect on their life and to develop not only in knowledge and skill but also in that wisdom which is the fruit of life and its lessons.

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Notice Board


new Admission are open to know more about admission details & download the admission form.
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new Admission Going On for Session 2019-2020 for all classes. Please contact: 9830364606. For Further details or Visit our New Premises

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