Exams & Promotions

    To make students study regularly to prepare comfortably and to reduce the examination phobia, we have introduced the system of taking up UNIT TESTS and SEMESTER WISE EXAMINATIONS from all classes.

    There will be four UNIT TESTS and 2 TERMINAL Examination, the first being from April to September and the other from October to March held during the year. New session starts from 1st April.

    A minimum of 40% is required to pass in each subject for Classes I to X.

    Parents and guardians are requested to examine the report card before signing it.

    Pupils if absent in an examination for any reason will not be re-examined. If the absence is justified, the fact will be taken into account at the end of the year. However, regulations of the Education Board will be followed.

    An average of the UNIT TESTS and Final Exam will make the final result.

    Parents / Guardians must follow up the child’s progress in his / her studies. If after three warnings, a student shows no progress, parents will be asked to seek admission elsewhere for the child.

    Any use of unfair means detected during or subsequent to an examination is liable to punishment at the Principal's discretion and in serious cases the student will have to repeat the class or be expelled from the school.

    Results of the examination and the decision of the Head of the Academic Department are final and will not be reconsidered. Promotion to higher standards is granted on the marks of examination and on the basis of the year’s record of work. The year’s record of work consists of the following record of years work:- 

i) The day-to-day written work including compositions, homework and daily lessons. 

ii) The individual traits of character, such as good conduct, regularity, punctuality, a sense of responsibility, co- operation, sociability etc. Promotion once refused will not be reconsidered.

Note: No PASS T.C. will be issued against failed cases.