Rules & Regulations

    A student must produce previous school leaving certificate or transfer certificate to get admission in this school.

    Students must produce their original Birth Certificate or relevant documents for age proof. Christian pupils must produce a Baptism Certificate. These proofs once entered in the school admission register cannot be changed.

    For getting admission to Class Nursery to Class IV interview/written test will be conducted for different subjects and for Class V onwards written test will be held mainly in English, Maths and Science.

    Pupils will be tested for the class immediately below that to which they seek admission.

    Before withdrawal of the pupil from the school calendar notice must be given before one month.

    In case of leaving the school a written application is required from the parent/guardian and the student must pay all dues in full before leaving the school or else no School Leaving Certificate will be issued to him/her.

    Any pupil failing two years in succession in the same class, or failing twice in three consecutive years is considered as withdrawn from the school.